People can't stop memeing Valve's wild new handheld gaming PC

The meme Gods smile upon Valve's splashy new handheld, the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck has already given us a lot to be excited about, for instance, the ability to wield Steam’s entire library of games in one chunky handheld device. In its release fanfare, it’s also given us at least one unintended, non-gaming, gift...

We’re talking about the gift of memes

People were understandably excited with the unveiling of Valve’s handheld, and that excitement manifested in the way excitement on the internet often does...

This one is from us.

Memes also took a more comparative turn, pitting the Steam Deck directly against Nintendo’s recently announced Switch OLED Model.

A deluge of online reservation requests also created havoc on Steam’s site this week, causing lots of people to get stuck in limbo at checkout. Again, the internet chose memes.

Reservation tribulations aside, the Steam Deck is off to a good start, and clearly appeals to plenty of people — especially those that were expecting a proper Nintendo Switch Pro release. Even if the Steam Deck is ultimately a let down, we at least had some fun while the hype lasts.

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