People can't stop memeing 'Elden Ring's' Pot Goblin

An unassuming star emerged from 'Elden Ring's' E3 trailer.

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Sometimes a star is born seemingly overnight, rising from the depths of obscurity, say for example, from the bottom of a pot, and arriving full-force into the limelight.

We’re referring, of course, to Pot Boy.

Pot Boy, a colloquial name bestowed on this creature by the internet, is a Pot Goblin (you know, a Pot Goblin!) that made an appearance in the trailer for From Software’s Elden Ring. And while brief, Pot Boy’s cameo made quite an impact on fans, spawning memes, fan art, more memes, and... you get the point.

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Clearly, Pot Boy has taken the internet by storm, or at the very least, waddled into people’s heart gardens, popped a squat, and taken respite among the mind foliage of an eager fandom that is obviously geeked about the future release of Elden Ring.

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Pot Boy is also a pretty clear demonstration of what a little character design can do. It’s hard to say, but given the NPC’s warm welcome, whichever designer painstakingly crafted this little goblin probably has a promotion coming their way.

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Someone gave PB a little smiley face, for Elden’s sake.u/Milesrah on Reddit
In this depiction, Pot Boy has a Pot Child, which makes him more of Pot Man if you ask us.u/RJGdraws on Reddit

Given Pot Boy’s relatively brief time in the spotlight, there are still so many lingering questions. What’s Pot Boy’s backstory? Is Pot Boy a friend or foe? What’s Pot Boy’s favorite color? Does he grow flowers out of the top? Wheatgrass, perhaps? Is Pot Boy actually a Pot Girl? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait quite a while for those queries to be answered since Elden Ring doesn’t come out until next year.

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Until then we’ll just enjoy the memes.

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