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One of the PS4's most underrated shooter games is 50% off right now

This intense multiplayer game flew under the radar for most people. You probably never heard of it, but it's critically acclaimed.

If you're looking for a horrific yet exciting game, Hunt: Showdown (from Crytek) is extremely underrated and one of the best multiplayer shooters from 2019.

PvP and PvE madness

While it's technically a competitive first-person shooter PvP game, you'll battle the elements, monsters, and other players simultaneously.


If you dare...

Wander the swamps of Louisiana and frag everything in sight. At Best Buy, the game is 50 percent off for PS4 or PS5.

That's just $19.99 (Reg. $39.99)

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Watch out!

In each match, up to 12 players (bounty hunters) must defeat monsters from the wild and earn a bounty. Once they do, all other players can see the prize and take it, earn their own, or both.

Hunt: Showdown is what you get if you turn Crysis into a survival horror game and throw in PUBG-like multiplayer vibes.


This deal is for PS4, but the game's also available on Xbox and PC.

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