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One of the PS4's greatest open-world FPS games is 85% off right now

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Imagine a crazy exciting summer blockbuster movie from when you were younger, full of explosions and mayhem... then turn that into a game. That’s basically Just Cause 3 — and it’s a blast.


Just Cause 3 is a game about pulling insane, death-defying stunts while destroying everything in sight with spectacular fireball explosions.”



The best $5 ever

While this game is a little over five years old, it’s still incredibly entertaining at a time where people need some escapism the most.

Get Just Cause 3: XXL Edition for only $4.49 from Playstation (85% off)

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This gets you the full game, all the expansion packs with extra missions, a ridiculous amount of guns, and the weaponized vehicle pack. Need we say more?


In JC3, you play Rico Rodriguez, who’s tasked with saving the tropic island of Medici from a dictatorship. It’s not an original story by any means, but you won’t spend much time dwelling on the B-rated story when you’re shooting everything in sight.


The last day you to get this mayhem-filled game for less than $5.


Save the island

Or watch it burn.


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