Nintendo's new OLED Switch has 4 huge updates for handheld gamers

For anyone playing handheld, the improvements will make a big difference.

Nintendo’s long-rumored Nintendo Switch upgrade, the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) is finally upon us, and while it may fall short on the rumored (and hoped-for) graphical improvements, there are several new features that should appeal to anyone playing their console handheld.

OLED screen

By far the biggest win for handheld Switch players is the new Switch’s new 7-inch OLED display. OLED might not be on the bleeding edge of display technology (the PlayStation’s Vita handheld had an OLED screen in 2012), but for anyone who wants to game on-the-go, it marks a significant improvement over the original Switch’s 6.2-inch LCD display.

Improved audio

Again, if you’re playing the Switch in its docked mode, new and improved speakers might not jump out to you as a major improvement, but for handheld gamers, it could be a major improvement. Just how the audio is improved in the Switch OLED model is unclear, but we can only assume Nintendo means it’s louder and crisper.

Bigger, better, adjustable stand

If you’ve ever played your Switch using the built-in kickstand, you’ve probably noticed a few irksome things, including how flimsy and small it is. In Nintendo’s newest model, the kickstand is not only bigger but adjustable, so you can choose a more precise angle.

White Joy-Cons (and dock)

Okay, so white Joy-Cons aren’t (technologically speaking) the most groundbreaking hardware upgrade, but when you’re gaming handheld, they do add what’s essentially the only piece of aesthetic flair on the entire console. White might not be the flashiest color, but it will appeal to anyone that wants their console to mesh with their decor.

Nintendo also included some relatively smaller improvements for non-handheld gaming, like a LAN port in the dock for direct ethernet hookup and 64GB of onboard memory, double the storage of the original.

Even with those dock-focused improvements, however, the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) definitely caters more to those who opt to grab their console by the Joy-Cons and play handheld, so if that’s your speed, you may want to start saving up now.


The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will debut at $350.

Oct 8

You can get your hands on one later this year.

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