Lil Nas X's free video game is all about shaking your butt

This game is ass, literally.

In the last month, Lil Nas X has: seduced Satan, publicly pissed off Nike, topped international charts with a new single, and now, he’s coming for your hearts, and by hearts we mean butts, of course.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Twerk Hero is Lil Nas X’s newly unveiled free browser game, the premise of which is exactly what it looks like: shaking a virtual butt in tandem with his new single, “Montero.”

That’s it, that’s the game.

Think, Dance Dance Revolution but think with your butt, not your feet.

As far as promotional stunts go, this effort gets five out of five butts, even if the game itself is really just using your fingers to wobble a digital booty back and forth.

Lil Nas X fans seem to be in agreement.

@Christian_Trnka on Twitter

Gimmick or not, Twerk Hero is yet another example of Lil Nas X giving fans something they didn’t even know they needed, and fortunately for him, it seems to be causing less of a public debacle than last month’s unofficial Nike Satan Shoes.

Just better hope that Activision doesn’t get its virtual Calvin’s in a bunch.

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