Let the 'Resident Evil Village' mods begin

Modders are already putting their own personal touch on the newest installment of 'Resident Evil.'

As I type these words, Resident Evil Village has been out for less than a week, yet already in its earliest stages of commercial availability, the modding community has been going absolutely bonkers.

No, really, we mean bonkers.

See for yourself...

“Mini-me Chris.”

This mod swaps the face of Ethan Winters’ baby for that of Chris Redfield, making for a pretty comical take on Resident Evil Village’s opening sequence in which Chris Redfield kidnaps... a smaller Chris Redfield.


This fly swatter

This mod swaps out a knife for a fly swatter, which in addition to helping combat the horde of flies summoned by the game’s Big Bad, Lady Dimitrescu, has also been repurposed for some more lewd antics...

Speaking of Lady Dimitrescu...

There are plenty of mods focused just on her, including.

Nightmare-inducing Thomas the Tank Engine Dimitrescu

Okay, people really like putting kids show characters in here.

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s more mods. Resident Evil Village was just released last week, so we can only imagine the fresh hell modders are cooking up as you read this.

Yup, that’s the stuff.

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