Lego's ? Block 'Mario 64' set may be its best Nintendo tie-in yet

Cute things happen when N64 and Lego collide.

You’d be hard-pressed to find two things that people Stan more than Lego and Super Mario Bros., which is exactly why combining them has captured a lot of people’s nerdom, and consequently, their wallets as well.

But even with the success of Lego’s existing Nintendo collabs, this upcoming Mystery Box, which meshes together several scenes from Super Mario 64 might be its best yet.

The 7-inch set actually encompasses three different scenes, which unfurl from inside the box when you push down onto the top. Dioramas pay homage to several classic levels, including “Cool, Cool Mountain,” the “Bob-Omb Battlefield,” and “Princess Peach’s Castle.”

You’ll also get 10 “microfigures” to go along with the box, including a mustachioed Mario, fairly featureless Peach, and some polygonal little penguins. Like most of these Super Mario sets, however, it’ll cost ya’...


That's a lot of gold coins for plastic blocks.


The good part is, if you’re like a lot of people and can’t wait to drop nearly $200 on a Lego set, you won’t have to wait very long to do so. Lego’s next Super Mario Bros. set will go on sale in October.

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