KFC's chicken chamber PC is one of its many nightmarish gaming stunts

The colonel can't get enough gimmicky gaming gear.

Brands spend a lot of time dreaming up ways to get your eyes on their products. Mostly, that consists of devising ads for people to watch or click, or events that can be sponsored – stuff that the majority of people are actively avoiding or just ignoring completely.


Sometimes, however, there's an ad push so inane and thirsty that despite our instinct to disregard product placement, we're powerless to resist the allure of said marketer's bravado.


With that in mind, we present to you: this KFC gaming PC.

Before you roll your eyes, let's actually take a look at this thing, which is aptly dubbed the KFC console: it supports 4K resolution, ray tracing, 240 fps with 240 Hz refresh, and comes VR ready to boot. Oh and one more thing...

It heats up chicken...

The PC, which is a KFC branded Cooler Master PC, comes with a built-in chicken warming tray that uses heat generated by the machine to ensure that your fried chicken stays warm. How exactly the potential grease and fumes are dealt with is a mystery — this is still a marketing gimmick after all.


There's not currently a price on this bad boy, but it ain't gonna be cheap.


As insane as a chicken-warming gaming PC might be, this isn't the first time KFC has stepped into the gaming world to promote its brand. For instance, there were these USB drumstick themed controllers...


Coincidentally, those controllers are perfect for playing Colonel Quest, a KFC-branded video game.

From Colonel Quest.

Maybe you're getting really serious about your KFC gaming gear and you want to upgrade. Luckily the colonel is one step ahead...

Here's a Bluetooth controller built into a box.

This monstrosity was released by KFC in 2017. The idea here is that you slot the phone into the middle of the box and then pair it to the controllers, which jut out from either side. The benefit being (obviously)... actually, we're not sure what the benefit of making a box / controller hybrid is.

Love it or hate it, KFC gets points for creativity when it comes to stunt advertising. Can we recommend actually using or playing any of these things? Not really, they're probably not very practical (4K gaming aside). If only they made something more practical like... a printer?!

Nathan Stirk/Getty Images News/Getty Images
The KFC Bluetooth photo printer/bucket.

Ok, but what about something even more useful, like a keyboard?

A KFC branded keyboard.

Guess we'll leave the stunt marketing to the pros.

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