CES 2021

Hell yes to this gaming chair's 60-inch rollout display

Razer's Project Brooklyn is the only immersive gaming chair we want to plant our butts in and never get out of.

Razer's Project Brooklyn is an immersive gaming chair unveiled at CES 2021.

Have you ever looked at your dinky gaming chair and just wished it had a 60-inch rollout display? Advanced vibration haptics? And 4D armrests that transform into tray tables for your gaming accessories?

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If you answered yes, then you're gonna wish you had Razer's Project Brooklyn. Announced at CES 2021 alongside its Project Hazel smart N95 mask and new Blade gaming laptops, Project Brooklyn is an immersive gaming chair that builds on the company's Iskur gaming chair.

Razer's Project Brooklyn has a 60-inch rollout OLED display. 🎥: Razer

With the press of a button, the 60-inch "full surround OLED display" deploys from the chair's "backbone."

The Project Brooklyn gaming chair transforming into fully operational mode.Razer

The huge rollout display is the showstopper and is designed to fill your peripheral vision to put you "inside" of a game.

Yeah, baby!

🎥: Razer

The chair's made of leather and carbon fiber. Haptics inside of the chair buzz your body to simulate the action.

There are no wheels, but you do get some nice cable management snaking out of the bottom of the chair.

Of course, there's Chrome RGB built into the design.Razer

Razer says these tables are collapsible.

Whether you're a lefty or a righty or need more or less space for a keyboard/mouse/energy drink the table is configurable to suit your gaming style.

Got your credit card out? You might want to put it back in your wallet because Project Brooklyn is only a concept. Who knows if Razer will ever make it. Even if it did, it wouldn't be cheap.

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