'Halo Infinite' has an Xbox and controller you’ll actually want to buy

Are you even a real Halo fan if you don't buy this?

For anyone who’s played a shooter in the last 20 years, Halo Infinite is probably going to be a big release. How big, you ask? Well, rather than explain in words, why don’t we just show you...

Introducing: the Halo Infinite-themed Series X

And this Elite controller that looks like Master Chief

The Halo Infinite console is the first custom Xbox Series X to be sold by Microsoft and will be available starting November 15 at a retail price of...


We can't wait to see what the scalpers sell this one for.

Pre-order here

Microsoft is going beyond just looks with this console, and is actually changing the Series X’s default boot-up sounds to Halo-themed ones.

Appearance-wise, the top grate of the console will be what Xbox is calling, “Cortana Blue” and the outer shell will have gold accents as well as, “stars as seen from the surface of the Zeta Halo.”

You’ll also get this matching controller

If a console simply just isn’t enough to put your Halo Infinite excitement on display, Microsoft is also launching a Master Chief-themed Elite 2 controller with a custom D-pad, “battle-scarred” paint job, adjustable tension thumbsticks, and a wrap-around rubberized grip. All that Halo goodness is going to cost you though...


Halo swagger doesn't come cheap.


The controller and the console will both be available in mid-November.

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