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Get these three ‘Doom’ games for 50% off right now

Bethesda’s hellish shooter is being discounted through Fanatical.

Doom, Doom Eternal, and Doom Eternal: Deluxe are all 50% off thanks to a deal through Fanatical.

Swifty Unknown

The Doom series was groundbreaking for a lot of reasons — it was one of the original first-person shooter games, or at least set the archetype for what is now the modern shooter. It also helped usher in multiplayer gaming, specifically in the shooter space.

Keep in mind this footage is set to nightmare difficulty with HUD turned offSwifty Unknown

Doom immerses you in its world with a kickass soundtrack provided by Mick Gordon

It’s hard not to get amped up when this plays while you fight a never-ending army of disgusting ghouls.

All footage of DOOM looks like it progresses at 2x speedSwifty Unknown

Possibly the best thing about Doom is that it manages to be high-stakes despite its run-and-gun identity. The game induces adrenaline in the same way piloting a fighter jet might. Grab it before the discount ends on June 20. You won’t be disappointed.


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