These 'Cyberpunk 2077' parodies are just brutal

After years of waiting, 'Cyberpunk 2077' is here, and it's basically been reduced to a meme.

'Cyberpunk 2077' is a lot of things, but to most, it's probably a disappointment. Its long-awaited release delivered a half-finished game, riddled with bugs and some pretty shoddy game mechanics. Just ask CD Projekt Red's shareholders about the game's reception.

Like any flop worth its weight in sarcastic tweets, the internet has taken Cyberpunk into it's not-so-loving arms and helped it evolve into what it was seemingly destined to become from the start... a meme.

While people have been memifying Cyberpunk 2077 for years, the tone of more recent spoofs has been noticeably... different. Check out this parody of the game's trailer, for example...

YouTubers in particular have gone above and beyond in their attempts at spoofing Cyberpunk 2077. For isntance, this gem showing you what the game would look like if it were released on PS1 from Anders Lundbjörk stands out.

Anders Lundbjörk

To be fair, Lundbjörk has done this to other games, including Bethesda's Oblivion, but I think the selection of Cyberpunk 2077, knowing all of its faults, qualifies his re-interpretation as a jab more than anything.

Other videos aren't so subtle about their parody, like this selection which shoehorns Johnny Silverhand into an Xbox 360-like spoof of Spiderman.

Some parodies are going to great lengths to re-envision (if you will) what Cyberpunk 2077 looks like. As you might've guessed, some of those re-imaginings are less than flattering.

If original re-imaginings aren't your style of parody, fear not. We've got crossovers that no one asked for. See: Among Us meets Cyberpunk 2077.

Or maybe you think Cyberpunk 2077 would fair better as an anime instead of a severely flawed open world game. In that case, YouTubers have you covered once again.

Malec on YouTube.

There is also a porn parody, though as much as include it in this list of reactive Cyberpunk 2077 parody (in VR!), it was unfortunately made before the game's release.

Is it surprising that Cyberpunk 2077 has had so many spinoffs on and off YouTube? Not especially given how anticipated the game was. The tone of said spoofs, however, is one that is unusually (and rightfully) critical, even by sarcastic internet mob standards.

So, while you might not ever get to enjoy Cyberpunk the way you thought you would, you can take some minor comfort in being able to roast it online with everyone else.

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