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Forget 'Call of Duty': This classic PC shooter game is $7 right now

Experience true military combat like nothing else for less than a Call of Duty skin pack.

Shooter games are everywhere, and you've probably played 'em all while waiting for Battlefield 6. However, many consider this old PC-shooter game as one of the best, better than Call of Duty, and it's available for only $7 right now.

Arma 3

We're talking about Arma 3, a realistic military shooter from 2013 that still has tons of players today.

Arma III

Feel the rush

Arma 3 isn't your typical shooter game, which is what makes it exciting. Instead, it's more of a military sim that will get your heart pumping and palms sweaty.


'Arma 3' has 16 DLC packs or expansions, and plenty of content.

Arma 3

Old, but not forgotten

Arma 3 is seven years old so the graphics might not be up to 2021 standards, but the single or multiplayer missions are so much more than that. Active development ensures great mil-sim experiences, group antistasi fights, roleplay, and more.

Arma 3

If you're bored of Call of Duty and want to try a classic game still loved to this day, get Arma 3 for only $7.49 on Steam right now. That's 75 percent off the normal $30.

Arma 3


This deal, or the entire expansion pack is on sale until March 1.

Arma III

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