These DIY game console restorations are basically a miracle

YouTubers are bringing all sorts of bombed-out game consoles back to life.

1-ups might be a staple in the world of video games, but most of the time our real-life game consoles aren't so fortunate. Technical issues or a new and improved generation of consoles have a way of forcing our outdated gaming hardware out of our living rooms and into the trash.


Luckily there's a robust contingent of DIY tinkerers who are intent on finding those spoils and, against all odds, breathing new life into them.

Mr. Tool on YouTube

Even when they look like this...

And especially when they look like this...

YouTubers often pluck consoles straight from heaps of dumped e-waste. In this case, the more beat-up and washed out a console is, the better.

BL Restoration on YouTube

For anyone who's ever been interested in what goes on inside their favorite console, the step-by-step restorations can act as a guide on what makes the hardware tick.

BL Restoration on YouTube

Restorations might be as simple as reviving yellowed plastic or removing dust from the guts, but many times they involve replacing critical components like the motherboard.

From Odd Tinkering on YouTube

But you don't have to be an expert to enjoy...

For those of us who just like watching things get cleaned up, the genre is equally as satisfying.

From Odd Tinkering on YouTube

They're almost as satisfying as grooming a pet, or picking up all the junk your roommates leave lying around if the latter of these two examples wasn't extremely agitating.

While fun to watch, this YouTube niche might also open your eyes to just how pervasive e-waste is. Parts of Asia in particular have become a dumping ground for much of the world's discarded electronics.

BL Restoration on YouTube

6.7M tons

China alone more than doubled e-waste production between 2010 to 2015 to nearly 7 millions tons.

United Nations


On a more hopeful note, however, miracle restorations might also act as a reminder that what may look like junk, might just needs a little TLC. Do you really want to throw that PlayStation out, or do you want to boot that sucker up and play some Need for Speed?

BL Restoration on YouTube

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