We totally need this gold Pac-Man Casio watch

This special edition Casio A100 watch is a homage to Pac-Man in all the right ways and more than justifies the price.


Released in 1980, Pac-Man holds up incredibly well. I mean, who hasn’t played the game, which is pretty much available on every platform you can imagine? The game isn’t playable on the watch, but it captures every detail to near perfection.


Based on Casio’s classic 1978 F-100 watch, the A100 is a modern take with a metal finish. It keeps the same four-button design and has an LED light, 1/10-second stopwatch, alarm clock, and a calendar. It’s also water-resistant and runs on a single CR1616 battery that is rated to last about three years.


Waka Waka

The Pac-Man watch is a special edition of the watch, officially dubbed the A100WEPC. It’s packed full of Pac-Man references throughout, with the gold finish a nod to the game’s yellow arcade cabinet.



There is no exact date yet, but the watch is launching some time next month in Japan.


The faceplate is a spitting image of the Pac-Man board, featuring the titular Pac-Man plus his ghost archnemeses Inky, Blink, Pinky, and Clyde. The display replaces the center box, where the ghosts serve their timeouts.


Bite-sized details

Subtle details include the Illuminator logo in Pac-Man font and the watch bands. The top band depicts Pac-Man being chased by the ghosts, while the bottom one shows the opposite, matching the ghosts’ changed in-game appearance when they turn blue.


The backplate shows a similar scene to the front and has guides for the four face buttons.


Casio also went all out on the packaging and included a special watch stand, making it an instant collector’s item for diehard Pac-Man fans.



That's about $110, which seems very reasonable considering how well it pays homage.


Chomp away

While the watch hasn’t been announced for launch stateside, we have our fingers crossed. Until then, you can visit the watch’s site to play a special version of the game and try to rack up that high score.


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