Blockbuster Video nostalgia hits its peak with this bizarre PSVR game

The Last Video Store is a mysterious VR sim made by developers of an unhinged Seinfeld horror game, Sinfeld: Remastered.

If you’re old enough to remember dial-up internet, there’s a high probability that this forgotten blue awning elicits a deep pang of nostalgia — one that only the hum of a rewinding VHS tape can cure.

But if you don’t have a VHS player handy, then this new PSVR game might just do...

The Last Video Store is an upcoming PlayStation VR title being developed by RareBird Games that centers around a Blockbuster-esque video store where players can go examine old VHS (Mac and Me anyone?) and generally share in the reverie of peak ‘90s video rentals.

Players will also apparently be able to explore the surrounding neighborhoods, go on a nighttime drive, or indulge in a “survival mode” that, “includes realistic local jobs and bills to pay while managing your video enthusiast hobbies on the side.”

Rarebird Games is no stranger to off-kilter VR games. The game collective is also responsible for this absolutely bonkers Seinfeld horror spin-off which initially started as a gem in the game design sandbox, Dreams.

It’s not really clear what route The Last Video Store will take, and all the information we have right now is contained in one relatively short, abstract, trailer, so it’s possible by the time we get to immerse ourselves in Blockbuster bliss, this thing could be a totally different animal.

Until we know more, you’ll have to visit Bend, Oregon (the home of the last remaining Blockbuster) if you want to fulfill your ‘90s video rental fix.

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