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The best mods for Elden Ring, ranked

Elden Ring has only been out for a few months, but there's already a thriving mod community on PC. Here are the best ones to try out.

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One of the key advantages of PC gaming is the ability to mod your favorite game into something weird and new. Elden Ring is no different. Here are the best mods for the open-world game so far.

Note: Some of these mods might get you banned from online play, so we recommend trying them out in offline mode.

The easiest way to do this is to set Steam to offline mode, or simply disable your internet. Also, always back up your files before trying out mods. This advice applies to any game, not just Elden Ring.

#7: Pause the Game

Published just a few days after the game launched, Pause the Game does exactly what it says on the tin: It lets you actually stop the game in its tracks. You can even customize the button that pauses (the default is P, of course.)

You can actually pause Elden Ring without this mod. However, it's a very specific exploit that requires you to go two menus deep, and good luck doing that when the bad guys are chasing you down.

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#6: Easy mode

Elden Ring already offers a lot of ways to make the game easier, but modder Odashikonbu decided to take things one step further with his "easy mode" mod. It reduces damage taken, makes your attacks do more damage, and even boosts the amount of runes you gain.

#5: Elden Ring randomizer

Gaming modders love their randomizers, and Elden Ring has one too. You can use it to randomize the items you pick up from corpses, slain enemies, and the like.

If you're really feeling spicy, the latest version of the Item and Param Randomizer can randomize nearly every aspect of the game, from boss fights to movesets to even projectile types. It might actually break the game, but you'll definitely have fun doing it.

#4: Swordsmanship

This is a small mod that swaps animations for most of the sword-type weapons in the game, including katanas. More notably, it also adds a "timed block" mechanic which allows you to avoid all damage from perfectly-timed blocks, similar to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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#3: Elden Reshade/Unlock the Framerate

These are two similar but distinct visual mods that might improve your experience, especially on stronger machines. Check out this clip from Ultra High Gaming. Elden Reshade adds more intense HDR effects to the game, and the other unlocks the game's fixed framerate.

Ultra High Gaming

Elden Ring VR

Yes, it's hard to believe, but there really is an Elden Ring VR mod coming soon. Check out this footage from developer LukeRoss.


It's not quite out yet, but if you want to try out an early prototype, you'll need to support LukeRoss's RealVR Patreon at the $10 level. That also gives you access to his other VR mods, including one for Red Dead Redemption 2. Not a bad value.

#1: Elden Ring Reforged

By far the most ambitious Elden Ring mod to date, Reforged overhauls the game at a basic mechanical level. There's an entire lengthy Google Doc of changes, but overall, it boosts many of the game's weaker weapons and spells, fixes some of the jankier hitboxes, and even adds optional difficulty settings and the like.

Like Swordsmanship, it also adds Sekiro-style deflects to the mix, which many players have requested, so it's nice to see the modding scene respond to the fanbase. One thing's for sure: If you find yourself getting bored of base Elden Ring, this is probably the best mod to install right now.

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