Behold: the first new 2D 'Metroid' game in nearly 20 years

Nintendo officially announced its new 2D 'Metroid' game, 'Metroid: Dread.'

It’s official: Samus Aran is back. In an announcement at E3, Nintendo officially took the wraps off of Metroid: Dread, a side-scrolling 2D installment of the Metroid series and the first new Metroid game in about 19 years.

There aren’t a ton of details on the game, but we did get a decent amount of gameplay footage, and rather than spoil the fun, it’s best if you just watch yourself...

“Samus’ story continues after the events of the Metroid Fusion game when she descends upon planet ZDR to investigate a mysterious transmission sent to the Galactic Federation. The remote planet has become overrun by vicious alien lifeforms and chilling mechanical menaces. Samus is more agile and capable than ever, but can she overcome the inhuman threat stalking the depths of ZDR?”


While the existence of Metroid: Dread was actually leaked in 2005, this is the first official acknowledgment of the game by Nintendo, and to sweeten the deal, the release is pretty much imminent, at least by video game standards...


Metroid: Dread will be released this October, believe it or not.

For anyone bummed about the continued postponement of Metroid Prime 4, which was initially revealed in 2017, the introduction of not only a new Metroid game, but one with an official (and impending) release date is a pretty big win.

See you soon, Samus.

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