6 bizarre Nintendo Switch accessories you might actually use

With four years on the market, the Nintendo Switch has accumulated a laundry list of fun, wacky, sometimes confusing, accessories.

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Densha de Go!! Dedicated One Hand Controller

The new Switch peripheral is made for the Densha de Go!! train simulation game, and it’s only coming to Japan this August for around $134. Those who have dreamed of being a train conductor can now live out their fantasy, as Zuiki has designed the controller to feel like the real thing.


Taiko no Tatsujin controller

The popular Japanese rhythm game can be played with Joy-Cons, but the Hori taiko (drum) is the ideal way to play Taiko no Tatsujin. Amazon carries the drum for $99, though there are more expensive ones.

Hori via Amazon

Hatsune Miko Project Diva controller

This rhythm game controller has huge arcade buttons and a narrow touch surface above. It was most recently re-released in early 2020 for $300, but they’re now worth twice that much on the resale market. So, how big of a Hatsune Miku fan are you?

Dragon Quest Slime controller

This teardrop-shaped slime toy from Dragon Quest is actually hiding a full controller underneath. It doesn’t look comfortable to hold at all, but who cares about comfort when it looks so cute. Limited availability at launch means you’ll have to buy this Hori controller second-hand, which fetches around $200 on eBay.


Hori Microphone Cover

This strange accessory attaches to the Hori Microphone to dampen the sound, which is probably a solid choice if you like to karaoke during quiet hours. It’s useful, but it also looks like you’re making out with a plunger. The microphone and cover are sold separately.


Armor3 NuType Wired Keyboard

Do you need a keyboard for the Switch? Of course not. But if you’re on the eShop often or want to trash talk (type?) faster in Rocket League, this is for you. It is a wired keyboard, though, which defeats the purpose of having wireless controllers. But, do you.

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