198X is the EPCOT of retro gaming — in the best way

198X will take you through a more beautiful, more idealized version of the '80s and '90s.

198X began its life as a Kickstarter game for the PC from Hi-Bit studios, based out of Stockholm.

In the game, you play as Kid, a young woman looking for an escape from suburbia through the glorious world of video games.

PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and coming soon to Xbox One.

Imagine if Stranger Things or San Junipero had used their '80s accoutrement in service of their stories rather than as drag personas. Then imagine you got to play Sega Genesis. That's 198X.

There are 5 retro game genres presented throughout the story. Each gives you a taste of its particular genre's ideal without overwhelming the player with difficulty.

Beat 'Em Up

Think Streets of Rage

Think Final Fight

Think TMNT


Think R-Type

Think Raiden

Think Fantasy Zone


Think Out Run

Think Super Monaco GP

Think Super Hang On


Think Ninja Gaiden

Think Shinobi

Think Strider


Think Final Fantasy

Think Earthbound

Think Phantasy Star

The visuals are captivating, the music is stunning and, save for some iffy jump mechanics, the gameplay is tight. A $9.99 price point makes 198X a must buy for even the most casual of retro enthusiasts and indie gamers alike.

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