YouTubers transformed a Tesla Model 3 into an off-road beast

Now you can enjoy muddin' without sacrificing status.

Teslas are great at a lot of things, for example: going very fast very quickly, cosplaying as fully self-driving cars, inspiring people to buy bonkers merchandise, and of course...

🎥: @Erdayastronaut on Twitter


Okay, not all Teslas are actually known for their off-road capabilities, but this heavily altered dual-motor Model 3 certainly is.

🎥: Grind Hard Plumbing on YouTube

The Frankenstein-like Tesla Model 3 is the product of two YouTubers, Grind Hard Plumbing Co and Rich Rebuilds, the latter of whom has already made waves by stitching together his own version of a Tesla Cyberquad.

🎥: Rich Rebuilds on YouTube

As you can imagine, the off-road-ready Model 3, which was originally found totaled at a salvage yard, is not exactly your stock Tesla. To equip this thing for some serious off-road business, the modders added a 12,000-lbs. winch, gave the car a 2-inch lift, slapped on some off-road tires, and installed super bright pod lights.

For extra cooling and style, they also cut out a nice little hole in the hood to reveal this hexagonal pattern underneath and topped it off with some lighting underneath.

To test their creation out, they waited until dusk and trudged out into a field for some nighttime off-roading, and well, the results pretty much speak for themselves.

Or if you’d rather watch this thing rip in the daytime

Apparently, there are still new roads ahead for this decked-out Model 3. Grind Hard Plumbing is promising a second iteration with a full roll cage, spare tire rack, and a roof tent just to top it off.

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