Would these antimicrobial seats convince you to go to the movies again?

After COVID hit, this design firm went back to the drawing board to dream up theater seats meant to make moviegoers feel safe.

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things permanently, particularly when it comes to how we view and interface with public or shared spaces.


As a result, firms are evolving in stride with a collective attitude shift and turning to designs that blend both comfort and safety.

In that vein, designer Benjammin Hubert of the firm LAYER unveiled a new type of movie theater seat meant to appeal to customers returning to the cinema post-COVID.

The seat, aptly dubbed the "Sequel Seat" boasts a number of modifications over your typical premium theater chair.

Those include:

. Copper-infused antimicrobial fabric

. Seamless stitching

. Removable protective screening between chairs

And one of our favorite additions, which is this triangular chamber that houses a UV light for sanitizing one's bag.

Fiber integrated with copper oxide (which according to a range of studies is known to kill microbes) also gives the moviegoers an added sense of protection.

It's not all about safety in the Sequel Seat, either. LAYER also proposes placing speakers in the headrests of each chair to give each viewer their own immersive audio experience.

There's also the ability to recline almost vertically for those who are feeling extra comfortable being back at the movies

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You can visit Layer's site where they have other collaborations and original designs.

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