These are the best places to buy mid-century furniture

Finding the perfect retro lounge chair isn’t easy if you don’t know where to look. But rest assured, your dream piece is closer than you think.

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The definition of mid-century furniture is difficult to pinpoint. It’s minimal, yet bold; neutral, yet colorful; modern, yet retro. Most of all, it’s on everyone’s inspiration board. If you’re ready to dive into one of the most popular home decor styles, here’s where to start, literally.

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First Dibs

One of the most expansive collections of furniture, art, and everything in between, First Dibs is kind of like Craigslist’s rich cousin who lives in Europe. It can get pricey, but the selection is worth it digging through.

First Dibs

The vintage look is in vogue.

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This Germany-based shop is family owned and features everything from storage to tables to lamps. They also ship worldwide.

Mid Century Friends

Hidden gems.

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Herman Miller

With a century of business under its belt, Herman Miller helped create American Modernism home design. It’s heavy on quality pieces, sustainable practices, and innovation, plus a huge inventory that also ships globally through authorized dealers.

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The Eames lounger can finally be yours.

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An Orange Moon

Run by Ty and Lynn McDaniel, Chicago-based An Orange Moon specializes in vintage furniture and services like interior design, upholstery, set design, and more.

A style that’s anything but mid.

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Vintage On Point

LA is full of vintage shops, but Vintage On Point is, well, on point. Its collection features funky pieces of every shape, color, and fabric, and it ships long-distance, too.

Vintage On Point

Nothing says modern like vintage.

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Furnish Green

With an in-store inventory refreshed weekly, this NYC-based shop also has an online selection of affordable pieces and rarities. If you’re going to go mid-century, see it from a New Yorker’s lens.

Furnish Green

Take a seat.

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For a more commercial experience, Hayneedle has a section dedicated to mid-century pieces at almost every price point.


Back to the future of home decor.

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