Watch this YouTuber make ‘Howl's Moving Castle’ out of actual garbage

Trashy isn't a word we'd normally use to describe Studio Ghibli, but in this case, we'll allow it.

There are lots of creative things you can do with plastic waste, like for instance, straight up make buildings, or basketball courts, and while both of those are extremely important and creative uses, there’s one (far less practical use) we’d like to highlight today...


Making incredible Studio Ghibli models out of trash

This specimen, put together by YouTuber, Studson Studio, is the titular castle from Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle made from (mostly plastic) waste.

Comprising the core of the castle you’ve got lots of name-brand trash, like plastic bottles, instant noodle bowls, your boilerplate foam, cans formerly used to contain nuts, and much much more.


This "miniature" junk castle actually stands nearly three feet tall.

Howl’s Trashy Castle is just one of many Studio Ghibli-themed projects from Studson Studio. Previous entrants in the series include miniatures models from Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

While there are a lot of impressive Ghibli (and non-Ghibli) models on Studson’s page, his Howl’s Moving Castle tribute does really stand out, if just for how accurate he was able to get the bones of the sculpture using household junk.

In an hour-long video, the sculptor gives a blow-by-blow of how the miniature came together, which as you might’ve expected, involves a lot of hot glue. To see more, you can visit his channel on YouTube. We recommend watching everything.

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