Watch Sondors' affordable e-motorcycle rock a real-world road test

Here's a first on-the-road look at Sondors' Metacycle — an electric motorcycle that won't totally destroy your bank account.

Whenever an electric motorcycle comes anywhere near the word "affordable" it's worth taking note, which is exactly why Sondors' recently announced "Metacycle" made a splash when it was announced last month.



The Metacycle will retail for $5,000.

If you're one of the many e-bike enthusiasts excited about Sondors new offering, we've got good news. Now, thanks to a new video, you can dream about more than just the cost savings the Metacycle will bring to your life.

Sondors is showing off the Metacycle with a real-life joyride so you can picture yourself behind the handlebars of its latest, cost-effective, futuristic-looking offering.

$5,000 later, this could be you.

According to Electrek, Sondors says the test ride shows a rider traveling from Irvine, California to Long Beach, which is about 48 miles.

Electrek reports that the trip Sondors' rider took is actually more like 35 miles, but wrong turns and some interest from bystanders impacted the journey.

California traffic, am I right?

45 MPH

Sondors says that average speed of the trip was 45 mph.


After the ride (around two hours) Sondors said the Metacycle still had about 20 percent battery remaining — that's a little bit below Sondors' estimated range of 80 miles, though estimates are obviously dependent on various factors, including speed, rider weight, and riding style.


Even if the Metacycle has slightly less than the promised range, it will likely appeal to buyers looking to purchase an electric motorcycle without doing too much damage to their wallets, especially considering other e-motorcycles, like those from Harley-Davidson, start at about $30,000.

Pre-orders are live...

...and shipments of the Metacycle will begin later this year.

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