Leaked pictures reveal electric Mini Cooper’s new look

Leaked pictures show notable changes to the 2023 Mini Cooper.

Mini is making sure its upcoming EV looks fit for the electric age.

FOTOGRAFIA INC./iStock Unreleased/Getty Images

Leaked pictures posted to Instagram by user, wilcoblok, show the Mini Cooper S parked outside a facility in China. Next to the vehicle, which bears the “S” branding, are several other camouflaged, non-electric, models.

As noted by Motor1, which initially spotted the images on Instagram, the new Mini Cooper has all new taillights and no hood scoop given the lack of combustion engine and differing need for air intake.


The Mini Cooper S is set to arrive sometime in 2023.

On the interior, things are pretty cleaned up. A large circular display sits at the center of a mostly barren dash, with a few physical knobs lined up underneath.

This design is a notable shift from current Mini Coopers which have a display housed behind the steering wheel.

A heads-up display is situated right in front of the steering wheel, which is a continuation of Mini Coopers’ existing design.

Leaked pictures come a little more than a month after Mini revealed the first camouflaged images of the 2023 Mini Cooper design and while there’s still a lot more to glean, the snaps are the clearest look to date at the company’s plan for 50 percent electrification by 2027.

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