Uber’s planning an ‘affordable’ EV designed for ride-sharing specifically

EV startup Arrival designed a concept for Uber that could arrive in 2023.

Uber Arrival top view

Ride-sharing drivers might soon have their own line of specialized electric vehicles.


As part of a partnership between Uber and EV startup, Arrival, the two transportation companies will design and build EVs tailored specifically to the needs of ride-share drivers in an effort to reduce emissions.

Despite the project’s nascence, Arrival released a first look at the EV’s design this week. The renderings are very much a work-in-progress according to Arrival, as the company is currently in the process of collecting feedback from ride-share drivers on what features or specs a ride-share EV might need. Arrival says the final design will be released before the end of this year.

Design highlights include...


A panoramic roof.

Minimalist interior design.

Bench seating...

With a foldable passenger seat for extra leg space or storage. A fairly large display located next to the steering wheel looks like it’ll show navigation information.

Details on the EV are still sparse, but Electrek reports that it won’t necessarily be exclusive to Uber. A spokesperson for Arrival confirmed that other ride-sharing companies interested in purchasing the EV for their fleets may eventually do so.

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images


Arrival said the EV will go into production later in 2023.

It’s still early on, but both Uber and Arrival are positioning the EV as a means of evolving the ride-hailing company’s platform for an electric future. Uber has already committed to going fully electric in London by 2025 and by 2030 in North America and Europe.

“The Arrival Car will address the global need to shift ride-hailing and car sharing services, with over 30 million estimated drivers across the ride-hailing sector, to electric to reduce emissions and improve air quality in cities.”


There’s still a ways to go before Arrival and Uber’s EV starts to change the eco-footprint of ride-sharing. To make a real impact, the final product will not only have to be efficient, but accessible. At the moment, neither Uber nor Arrival mentioned an eventual price outside of saying the car will be “affordable.”

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In any event, it’s nice to see a commitment to reducing emissions, however hypothetical. Now, if Uber could just treating their employees as employees, we’d be off to a really good start.


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