CES 2022

Triggo is a shape-shifting EV that can snake through traffic jams

You'll never need to circle the block looking for parking ever again.

Promotional material for Triggo

Meet Triggo, an electric vehicle that has one aim: To reduce the amount of miserable time commuters spend sitting in traffic jams.


The electric vehicle is a hybrid form factor that merges the safety and comfort features of a car, with the maneuverability of a scooter.

The love child of a three-wheeler, smart car, and 49cc moped.triggo

A button located on the steering wheel modifies Triggo’s width.

When traffic is gridlocked, snake through it like a motorcycle by bringing Triggos’ wheels closer to its body.


Here’s a breakdown of Triggo’s two modes:

Cruise Mode: Chassis Extended

Vehicle Width: 148cm / Max Speed: 90 km/hr

Maneuvering Mode: Chassis Retracted

Vehicle Width: 86cm / Max Speed: 35 km/hr


Triggo is also capable of taking corners like motorcycles do — the body can lean up to 20 degrees on either side.

Rafal Budweii, the inventor of Triggo, along with the team at large is present at CES 2022 but if you’re like most people and not attending the show in Las Vegas, you can read up on more info here.


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