"Transfiguration" is a mesmerizing psychedelic digital artwork

CGI and sound are used to seamlessly transform a figure into all the elements Earth has to offer.

The project, created by the art collective, Universal Everything, shows a computer-generated figure walking and gradually transforming into different materials. The figure shape-shifts into smoke, rock, liquid, fur, and even a beautiful garden.

A representation of the work on display.

The video uses a foley-based soundtrack produced by British musical artist and composer, Simon Pyke.

The work is a recreation of the team's 2011 work "The Transfiguration." The new version uses the latest procedural generation software, as shown by its far more complex visuals.

The collective has worked on a number of other visually impressive works. "Super You" is an augmented reality iPhone app with a similar effect to the one used in "Transfiguration" and we love it...

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