Toyota teases electric FJ Cruiser among slew of upcoming EVs

Toyota is going all-in to electrify its lineup of vehicles by 2030 and the defunct FJ Cruiser may be among the beneficiaries.

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Faithful fans of Toyota’s discontinued FJ Cruiser just got everything they’ve been pining for, which is to say...

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Evidence of a comeback

In a major forecast of Toyota’s plans for future EVs, the FJ Cruiser, which was discontinued in 2014, made a surprise appearance next to a modest 14 other electric prototypes, including a Tacoma-like electric pickup.

While Toyota hasn’t explicitly named the prototype with the “FJ” branding, the design parallels, at least from the outside, are pretty much uncanny.

Here’s an FJ Cruiser.

Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

Here’s Toyota’s unnamed cruiser.

If the electric FJ Cruiser redux doesn’t pique your interest, it’s looking like Toyota will have plenty of other EV options, including SUVs, coupes, sedans, and even cargo vehicles. Lexus will also apparently get an electric SUV and sedan.

Despite its clear ($70 billion) commitment to electric vehicles, Toyota says traditional combustion cars will still factor into its not-so-distant future.

While its reluctance to fully transition from gas vehicles is a bit of a bummer, it’s hard to argue with the prospect of electrifying one of these bad boys.

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