This pixel art project is a blast of Pokémon nostalgia

"Johto Redrawn" is inviting digital artists to recreate and reinvent the setting of some of Pokémon's most iconic games.

If you grew up playing any handheld games, there's a high probability that you have fond memories of the early Pokémon installments. In fact, you might even be able to name quite a few of those iconic characters thanks to a region of your brain that is now devoted to adorable, feisty little pocket monsters.

But if science isn't enough to prove the power of Pokémon nostalgia, we present to you: the Johto Redrawn Project...

Johto Redrawn is a project spearheaded by several pixel artists who happen to be pretty big fans of the game. The project aims to recreate and reinvent the entirety of Pokemon's Johto region, the setting of several Pokémon games, including Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

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"I think there's a lot to be said for like, the simplicity of it, allowing for a lot of artistic interpretation. It has just enough detail to really give a game a unique setting and feel, but there's plenty of room to elaborate with redraws."

Audrey Blake, co-creator of Johto Redrawn

Audrey Blake
@foofarawr on Twitter

According to Blake, artists are invited to augment the original art style of those games, which includes the use of their own color palettes and even borrowing more inspiration from the real-life regions of Japan that the Johto region is based on.

@Dewndeym on Twitter

@Dewndeym on Twitter

Johto is modeled after the Kansai region of Japan.

This creation by artist, @zaebucca on Twitter embellishes on the original level by adding a small graveyard to this scene outside a Pokémon gym.

Artists are still encouraged to draw only the Pokemon native to games that feature the Johto region.@foofarawr, co-creator, on Twitter

Ultimately, all the illustrations will be compiled into one to make a completely redrawn map of Johto.

Blake says that all each redrawn section of the map has already been commissioned (bad news for those looking to get in on the fun), but if Johto Redrawn goes well, more projects like this could materialize in the future.

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To see more of Johto Redrawn, follow #JohtoRedrawn on Twitter or check out the artists who started the project: @foofarawr, @Dewndeym, @zaebucca, @audreys_trick.

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