This modded emoji keyboard is the only way to spam Discord

Inserting emojis into a post through traditional means will seem quaint after you see this.

Ask yourself: do I need a keyboard designed specifically to punch in emojis in Discord? Rhetorical — no. You do not need this ostensibly frivolous item.


Now, look at this keyboard designed specifically to punch in Discord emojis and ask yourself, do you want said keyboard? For me at least, the answer is, unequivocally, yes.

This board, technically called a macro pad, is the creation of YouTuber, modder, and keyboard enthusiast, TaeKeyboards, who reviews and customizes mechanical keyboards on his own (very popular) channel.

This particular macro pad was actually modded from a Drop X OLKB Preonic mechanical keyboard and outfitted with a bunch of custom elements, including...

An original paint job.


New switches.

And of course, custom keys.

The final product is really something to behold, and while this keyboard is customized to the preference of TaeKeyboards to include keys for K-pop emojis, Pepes, and even an awkward monkey puppet, it could really be programmed to anyone’s meme taste.

Though, if making one of these is something you’d endeavor to do, just make sure your programming and hardware skills are squared away.

In the process of modding this little treat, TaeKeyboards eventually encountered some trouble when he realized the Preonic keyboard wasn’t initially by VIA programming software and even once added, was only programmable up to 16 keys.


Eventually the issue was resolved though, and the keyboard is up and running, which can only mean one thing...

Happy spamming.

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