This gorgeous e-bike is made almost entirely of wood

Evie Bee created Electraply — a wooden e-bike, designed and built from the ground up.

Evie Bee, a professional model maker who specializes in traditional woodwork built an unbelievable wooden e-bike called the “Electraply.” The design takes inspiration from cafe racers and scrambler motorcycles of the past.

Evie Bee

The DIY project was inspired in part by Bee’s passion for sustainable design and desire to combine modern manufacturing methods with traditional construction techniques. Another motivating factor was the simple fact that she wanted an e-bike of her own.

Evie Bee

Check out the Electraply in action courtesy of this demonstration video

It must be great to have the skills to just be able to build something you want.

Evie Bee
A screenshot from the booklet detailing the design process for the Electraply — the wooden pieces shown comprise the frame of the bikeEvie Bee
A closer look at the lattice-like frame of the ElectraplyEvie Bee

“Electraply is made predominantly from layers of sustainably sourced poplar ply (hence the name) as well as some birch ply for the outside layers. The drop outs are made from stainless steel which features in other areas of the bike where a bit of extra strength is needed. The bike is powered by the 26-inch smart pie front wheel motor and a 36v 12.5ah battery from Yose power.”

Evie Bee

Evie provided two booklets: One details the design process of creating the Electraply while the other provides the technical research that went into the construction process, so you too can build your own wooden e-bike.

Don’t worry if expert woodworking isn’t in your wheelhouse, because Bee plans on developing a Kickstarter to commercialize the project!

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