Blizwheel's foldable e-scooter transforms to fit in your backpack

Take your on-the-go electric scooter, well... on-the-go.

E-scooters can be extremely convenient — or at least until they aren’t. If your electric scoot is big (or expensive) enough, finding a place to lock it up can be a real pain. But what if you could bypass the whole process and take your scoot to-go?


Blizwheel is an electric scooter successfully Kickstarted by a team of industrial and electrical engineers. On paper, it stacks up modestly with other low-speed electric scoots of its kin (a premium version tops out at 15 mph while a base variant hits 12 mph), but it does have one small advantage...

Blizhweel is actually part transformer. The scooter can be folded into a compact 15.6-inch configuration which is small enough to fit comfortably inside most backpacks — a feature that makes it ideal for urban riders or anyone lacking space.

You can even fold your Blizwheel up and tote it around with this handle

8.8 lbs

Pretty manageable as far as scoters go.

The scoot also comes in different tiers, starting with the Blizhweel Lite, which is a regular, old kick scooter as opposed to the motorized Blizwheel Standard and Blizwheel Pro, which differ in speeds and range (the former has eight miles of range, where the latter has 15).

There are obviously a lot of unknowns with a scooter like this. Blizwheel is a crowd-funded product after all, and it’s difficult to say what the quality will be like without having any other products to go on. I for one am curious if the scooters feel sturdy enough to ride.

With a healthy dose of skepticism, however, Blizwheel does feel like something we could (or even should) get excited about. Though early bird prices are no longer available, you can put money down on the Blizwheel Lite ($199) the Standard ($329), or the Pro ($499).


All scooters are slated to ship in May next year.

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