This electric moped is straight out of 'Dragon Ball Z'

Even Bulma would be jealous of this thing,

Katalis' electric moped. e-moped. E bikes. Electric bikes.

Mopeds have a tendency to look pretty homogenous, so when you see something aesthetically outside the mold, it can easily grab your attention. That also means when you see something that looks like it’s straight out of an anime...

This is the “Spacebar” designed by Indonesian studio, Katalis, in tandem with Indonesian apparel designer, Kamengski. While it’s meant to resemble its namesake with its rectangular shape, the vibe, as alluded to in the bike’s promotional material, is also evocative of manga.

The Spacebar is small, but pretty powerful, and comes with a 1200w motor. It’s also foldable. Handlebars on the Spacebar collapse, making it better suited for city riders who might lack lots of storage.

Speaking of storage.

Plenty of cargo room on this thing.

37 miles

The Katalis Spacebar gets 37 miles on a single charge.


31 mph

The moped goes a little more than 30 mph max.


Here’s the bad news.

Spacebar orders are sold out. Apparently Kitalis only made six models, so the moped, which has been around since January, pretty much flew off the proverbial shelves. The company does, however, have several other projects like the EV 500 pictured here and has left the door at least slightly ajar for future production of the Spacebar, though there’s no current projection or price listing.

So, for now...

This DBZ figurine may be the closest you get to zooming around on a manga moped.

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