This Cybertruck camper morphs into a kitchen and full-on bathroom

People are already dreaming up all sorts of wild third-party accessories for Tesla's Cybertruck, but this one might blow them all out of the water.

Telsa’s Cybertruck hasn’t even gone into production yet, but designers and fans are already starting to dream up accessories – a lineup that now includes one of the most ambitious collapsable campers we’ve ever seen.

Introducing: the CyberLandr

This camper concept, called the CyberLandr, would hypothetically unfold from the bed of a Cybertruck, and turns your Tesla into something enticingly close to a high-powered electric RV replete with a few very enticing amenities, including...

A shower

This thing has a Bathroom (with a capital “B”). CyberLandr says in addition to a re-circulating shower, foldable sink, a dry flush toilet, the attachment would also have luxurious heated floors. It also opens up so you can enjoy some fresh air from your Cybertruck throne.

A kitchen

The CyberLandr also squeezes in room for a dedicated kitchen area that includes a fairly large sink, five square feet of countertop space, and a range with some upscale induction burners.

And chairs

The living area section of the CyberLandr includes two swiveling chairs with desks that can be folded, reclined, and repositioned, as well as a smart TV and voice control software for adjusting the lighting and temperature. There is (of course) a StarLink tie-in here that would allow CyberLandr owners to beam in satellite-powered internet when they’re going off the grid.

A bed

When you’ve found your ideal post for the night and you’re ready to hit the hay, the CyberLandr’s chairs also fold out into a queen bed. No need to toss and turn over potential intruders, either, because the CyberLandr also has 360-degree surveillance and a motion-sensitive light.

If you’re into the idea of “van life” the CyberLandr probably looks like a dream, though on the flip side there’s a chance this accessory could be just that — a dream. Much like the Cybertruck itself, the CyberLandr doesn’t actually exist yet and is, instead, currently being crowdfunded.

That means, like any crowdfunded project, there’s a not-insignificant chance it may never see the light of day, and the fact that the Cybertruck doesn’t actually exist yet likely increases those chances, though according to the company it hasn’t stopped more than half a million people from putting a $5,000 deposit down.


Living luxuriously out of a Cybetruck will not come cheap...



CyberLandr is selling its cyber-accessory for between $40,000 to $50,000 depending on when you buy.


Real or not, CyberLandr’s ambitious accessory is a pretty fun exercise in imagining just how luxurious you could make a massive 690 horsepower electric supertruck, and if you’re (like most people) hesitant to put down $5,000 on a high-end accessory that might never even exist, you can always enter this contest to win a free one.

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