This custom BMW looks like an actual spaceship

Zillers Custom Garage, a Moscow-based bike shop, put a futuristic twist on the R18.

Zillers Custom Garage custom BMW R18 motorcycle

The heavy-duty look of a motorcycle cruiser evokes a certain kind of nostalgia: Traversing long open roads for weeks on end, before a time where the world would become deeply interconnected through technology. That’s where the BMW R18 came into play.


“Like no other BMW motorcycle before it, this model stands entirely in the tradition of historical BMW motorcycles — both technically and in terms of design style.”

Dominik Schaidnagel

BMW Motorrad

Call it a play to nostalgia, a modern re-imagination, or whatever you like, the one thing we know for certain is that the R18 looks cool. So how could this vehicle possibly be tweaked to look even more badass? Zillers Custom Garage, a Moscow-based bike shop, has the answer.

Zillers Custom Garage

The custom R18 somehow kept its muscle while becoming sleeker.

Zillers Custom Garage

A lot of the R18’s most menacing features have been hidden in the custom build

The exhaust pipe, 1,802 cc two-cylinder boxer engine, and sublime rear sub-frame are now hidden behind a variety of covers and caps.

Both colorways have received a matte finish, while the wheels have been replaced with solid hubs that bring a modern twist to the original model.

Zillers Custom Garage

How loud is this thing?

Zillers Custom Garage

All in all, the custom work done to transform the R18 is unbelievably precise while shifting the entire look of the bike. For more motorcycle builds you can check out more work from Ziller’s Custom Garage here.

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