This crowdfunded electric vehicle treads the line between scooter and dirt bike

The Splach Transformer lets you commute to work and also shred off-road trails.

As the electric vehicle space has exploded, this scooter/dirt bike hybrid from Splach seeks to carve out its own niche: A space that exists between city roads and dirt trails.

Splach Bike

The Transformer is geared towards action sports enthusiasts who also need an eco-friendly way to get to the office. It features a hydraulic front and rear suspension system to give riders control over a variety of potential terrains.

Here’s a look at some of the specs for the Transformer (check out the full list here):

- Samsung / LG 48V DC, 10.2Ah Swappable Battery

- Max Range: Approx: 22~25mile ( 35~40 km ) - 80 kg

- Throttle (Riding Control): Thumb Throttle/Half Grip

- Max Climb: Approx: 28% incline

- Max Speed: Approx: 24 mph ( 38 km/h )

- Riding Modes: Energy Saving Mode, Standard Mode and Sport Mode

- Motor: 48V, 350W, Peak 960W

Splach Bike

oxygen/Moment/Getty Images

Splach’s Transformer was born out of a crowdfunding campaign and, beyond the multi-purpose utility of the vehicle, offers customization as its calling card. The body panels can be swapped out to suit your preferred style — you can cycle between long and short stems, and even the foot pegs can be replaced with larger ones. All in all, the design really does live up to its name.

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