These dice made with real human bones won't help your love life

But they will impress your fellow D&D campaigners.

A d20 made from human bone by Artisan Dice in Dallas Texas

You ever look at a pile of human skeletal remains and think, "boy these sure would make some great 20-sided die"? Well, if your answer to that very normal question is "yes" we're pleased to tell you that you are indeed not alone.

Artisan Dice, a custom dice company out of Dallas Texas, makes the most morbid D20 you've ever laid living eyes on. This 20-sided die, which is best known for its use in Dungeons & Dragons is crafted out of real human bones. We present to you: the "Memento Mori."

Memento Mori: An object kept as a reminder of the inevitability of death, such as a skull.

Oxford English Dictionary

"... these Memento Mori dice not only serve as a reminder of mortality but they should also impart a +2 on all healing checks and cure spells, as they are steeped in medical lore."

Artisan Dice

Artisan Dice uses human bones sourced from retired medical skeletons which means, unsurprisingly, they do not come cheap.


Just one of these puppies will set you back nearly $300.


Sidenote: the dice don't ship to Georgia, Tennessee, or Louisiana due to state restrictions on the import and exporting of human remains. Sorry, ya'll.


If human bones don't interest you, or your state laws say shipping them is a no-no, Artisan Dice also offers an entire "Necromancer" series of dice made from animal bones instead.

These are made from Deer Antler.

These ones are Reindeer (just in time for Christmas)

Maybe gator jawbone is more your thing.

Or if you're not feeling even the slightest bit morbid, Artisan Dice also makes custom dice that don't come from dead things. Well, at least not the bones of dead things.

These are made from barrels used by Jack Daniel's.

These are made from Poly(methyl methacrylate)

And treated with a holographic film.

Perfect for the mages in your life.

For a full look at Artisan Dice's products, check out their website, or if you just want to take a gander at the D&D eye candy, you can follow them on Instagram. Read more about them here.

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