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The new Ford Bronco is the ultimate apocalypse machine

The only thing left standing after the nuclear holocaust will be the 2021 Bronco and you know what? That's fine.

Ford's offering the 2021 Bronco in two-door and four-door variants, both of which can be fitted with removable roof panels. Pricing starts at $29,995.

Given the Bronco bucks if confined to urban settings for too long, we'd avoid the pale upholstery options ourselves. The whole point of this Ford is to get it dirty. Truly filthy.

The Bronco has come a long way since the first model rolled off production lines in 1966.

When wars were long and seatbelts were... optional

Ford billed the original Bronco as an all-purpose vehicle with workhorse capabilities. It's still marketing it that way today, except with added safety features.

You can still take the Bronco's doors and roof off if you want to. But you can also still take it, well, anywhere. Whether it's the company parking lot or a weekend retreat in the Catskills.

Though the 2021 models are as customizable as ever, there are some welcome mod cons standard, like an 8- or 12-inch touch display and essential controls on the steering wheel.

And even in the two-seater, there's plenty of space, along with compartments, carabiner-friendly loops, and other adventure-focused design decisions all over.


The number of Bronco accessories that'll be available direct from Ford dealerships (the built-in bottle opener is standard, though).

Giddy up (and over)

The Bronco might not be especially camp, but it's definitely camp-ready.


There's room for most of a herd in the back if that's the sort of thing you need. Otherwise, it's also great for bicycles, kayaks, or groceries.

See you out there.

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