Someone made a low-rent Cybertruck out of wood

The "Plybertruck" isn't electric or even metal, but it's still pretty fun to look at.

The Plybertruck, a Tesla Cybertruck knockoff made out of wood. Electric vehicles. EV. EVs. Electric ...

For fans of Tesla’s Cybertruck, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is Tesla’s high-powered electric vehicle is still delayed until 2022. The good news is you can apparently build one on your own, that is if you don’t mind risking a few splinters.

Introducing: the “Plybertruck”

This Cybertruck-esque wooden box with wheels is the creation of one CJ Cromwell, and according to Carscoops, it isn’t even made out of plywood (it’s cedar). In fact, it’s not even an electric car or a Tesla in any way.

The Plybertruck, or “Tesla Model Tree,” as it’s also been dubbed, is a wooden Cybertruck body built on top of an Acura MDX for the Gambler 500 — a rally that takes place in Oregon in which wacky cars drive through the countryside picking up trash and abandoned vehicles.

The Plybertruck has already become something of a fixation on social media and even earned a shoutout from Tesla’s official Cybertruck Facebook page. Speaking of Facebook pages. the Plybertruck has its own, which you can check out here.

If anything, the Plybertruck shows just how psyched fans are for its namesake. Lucky for Tesla, that excitement should be more than enough to last them through 2022 when the Cybertruck, after a delay this year, should finally go on sale.

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