This self-parking electric Airstream is the glamping future we want

Thor Industries’ Airstream and RV are setting a high benchmark for electrified outdoor vehicles.

Electric transport is the future, not just of automobiles, but for scooters, bikes, motorcycles, boats, and of course...


Drool-worthy outdoor vehicles.

Thor Industries might be at the forefront of the latter category thanks to a tandem of new recreational vehicle concepts that includes this ridiculously cool electric Airstream, aptly dubbed the eStream.

While being electric is enough to qualify Thor’s new Airstream concept as future-forward, the company has also introduced two new features that really set it apart from traditional competitors in the space.


Thor’s eStream concept is integrated with an app that, not unlike a Tesla, allows owners to execute a few different maneuvers. With the press of a button, the eStream can self-park, hitch, or shimmy over to a location where it’s easier to set up shop.

Drive assist

An electric drivetrain gives the eStream the ability to chug along with your vehicle, reducing the amount of drag. That extra help should translate to a boon for your fuel / energy efficiency.

Inside, the Airstream is also integrated with voice assistant capabilities that allow riders to control conditions in the cabin like lighting or navigation. Nothing like having a smart home in the woods.

The eStream wasn’t Thor’s only reveal. The company also showcased a concept electric RV called the Thor Vision Vehicle that incorporates the use of a hydrogen fuel cell to achieve a very formidable 300 miles of range. That’s more range that even some non-RV electric cars offer.

Just peep this luxurious interior.

Unfortunately, both Thor’s Airstream and its RV are currently still concepts, so there’s no definitive word on when you might be able actually buy either. Both of these, as you can probably guess, won’t be cheap, but these are recreational purchases after all and if these puppies actually live up the concept hype, they might be worth every dollar.

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