This Super73-RX collab is an e-bike done right

The collaboration with Roland Sands Design results in Super73's most potent, attractive, and desirable zero-emissions ride yet.

We're big fans of Super73's street-legal electric bikes, and of its R-series in particular. It's little wonder, then, we started salivating when we heard about its collaboration with custom bike shop, Roland Sands Design.

Twice as nice

This isn't the first time the company has worked with RSD. Last year RSD created a one-off Super73 Racer. And the story goes, when it saw the Super73 RX, it could resist asking for the chance to customize one of them, too.

Roland Sands Design

So, what sets the RSD Super73-RX apart from its non-RSD siblings? A few things...

There's Fox Suspension and the battery's been moved to lower the center of gravity and improve handling.

"The brakes allow riders to configure the controls to match either a bicycle or motorcycle brake setup thanks to ambidextrous reservoirs. To further refine the controls, the team replaced the traditional Super73 thumb throttle with a full-twist throttle by Magura."

Super73's press release announcing the collaboration.

Then there are the custom-made Super73 GRZLY all-terrain tires that have a chunkier tread pattern than the regular XR's tires, and which Super73 describe as "the widest and most aggressive off-road tire[s] in the segment."

960 Wh

The size of the RSD Super73-RX's battery

Power peaks at 2,000 W in "unlimited mode," or 1,200 W in "class-one mode."

The rest of the specs match those of the stock RX.

You're not obliged to wheelie it...

... but you're probably going to want to.


... the RSD Super73-RX is a one-off. For now at least. But perhaps if it gets enough love some of its key attributes will trickle down to a future production model.

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