Roam thinks its rugged new motorcycle can electrify African roadways

Designed specifically for use in Africa, the motorcycle places an emphasis on affordability and ease of use.

Roam, a company focusing on electric mobility, specifically within Africa, was born out of a research project at a top technical university in Sweden. Its latest project arrives in the form of an electric motorcycle, called the Roam Air, which is equipped with two removable battery packs capable of extending its driving range.



- About 120 miles of range (with both battery packs, so 60 miles each)

- Weight capacity of 396 lbs.

- Top speed of 55 mph

- Capable of reaching top speed in five seconds


The cost of owning an electric motorcycle like the Roam Air can be up to 60 percent less than traditional gas models. Included with the purchase is a portable 240V AC charger that can restore a battery to 100 percent power within four hours.



The starting cost of a Roam Air.



Aside from Roam Air, the brand offers electric energy solutions by converting 4x4 vehicles and buses with clean energy components like electric power trains to increase their shelf-lives.


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