Rivian's Camp Kitchen accessory looks even cooler than we imagined

The Rivian R1T’s fully stocked modular kitchen accessory might even surpass the one you have at home.

There are a lot of exciting electric pickup trucks in the works, which is great if you’re a consumer, but a significant challenge if you’re an automaker trying to differentiate your EV from the pack. It’s also the reason why we’re getting excitingly bold innovations like...

Rivian’s all-out, fully stocked Camp Kitchen

Feast your eyes (pun intended) on this modular, pull-out kitchen, replete with just about everything you could ever need to prepare a meal fit for a camping queen or king. Video walkthrough courtesy of Rivian CEO, RJ Scaringe.

You’ve got a sink

With a real, working water tank and hose for cleaning off excess food.

An induction cooktop

Potentially nicer than the cooktop you use at home (we’re looking at you electric stove owners).

All these pretty utensils

Which apparently come with the truck when you buy it.

The Camp Kitchen is also modular and can be swapped out at will by simply unlatching the sink and cooktop mounts and sliding them off the gear shuttle. Those modules can then be replaced with other Rivian R1T accessories.

To get this glorious kitchen with a 30-piece utensil and cookware set, you’ll have to pay extra, however — and quite a lot extra.


The cost of camping like royalty.


Yes, $5,000 for a totally unnecessary accessory is a lot of money (especially when the truck itself starts at $75,000), but that being said, it would be a pretty big flex to bust out a fully functional kitchen after a long day of hiking. Just make sure there are no bears around to crash the party.

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