Pop art goes art deco in Simone Noronha's eye-popping illustrations

Noronha's Illustrations are a cascade of different colors and styles.

A Simone Noronha illustration of a woman with a handbag

You might not recognize New York City-based artist Simone Noronha by name, but if you're an avid reader of contemporary media her distinctive illustrations may ring a bell.

Noronha's illustrations have been featured in print and online by publications like The New York Times, Wired, New York Magazine, and The Atlantic.

Noronha's style blends pop art and art deco to create illustrations that appeal to the eye and inform readers. Sometimes that calls for conjuring up original artwork that tackles coronavirus, facial recognition, or politics.

The illustrator's work isn't just confined to editorial. She also does concept art for video games, albums, and more.

Recently, Noronha's work has focused on risograph printing, which is a cross between screenprinting and photocopying. That artist has been making a zine per week according to an interview with It's Nice That.

The artist has been collecting those risograph prints as well as original zines into printed compilations.

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You can visit Noronha's site or check out her Instagram, @simonenoronha.

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