People can’t stop roasting the huge camera bumps on Huawei’s P50

The P50 has some bulbous bumps that are pretty hard to miss.

Huawei P50 camera bumps as cooker

Huawei appears to be on the verge of releasing its next flagship, the P50, and while there’s obviously a lot we don’t know about the phone, a recent tease from the company revealed at least two, very glaring, aspects of its design. See if you can guess what we’re talking about...


In the tease from Huawei you may have noticed two very large camera bumps on the back of the P50. If these two hulking domes of glass caught your eye, you’re definitely not alone, and we’ve got memes to prove it.

P50 comparisons ranged, but two popular takes compared the camera bumps to Bubbles from the Canadian TV series, Trailer Park Boys, and...

@MaxWinebach on Twitter

A good old-fashioned cooktop.

via Joe Fedewa on Twitter

Personally, I think it looks more like a pair of steampunk sunglasses, but obviously the bump is in the eye of the beholder. Other comparisons are less flattering...

There’s still a lot to be revealed about the P50, including price and release date (which is a big question mark do the current semi-conductor shortage), but for now, we can marinate on what kind of pictures this thing is going to take. Looks like there are at least four camera lenses with two flashes... but no word on whether the burners are induction or electric.

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