People cannot stop roasting Apple's bra-shaped headphone case

A butt; a bra; Apple's AirPods Max case is getting compared to everything other than an actual carrying case.

Every so often, there's a product design that really makes a splash. Sometimes that splash is a few droplets dispersed by a perfectly executed dive, and sometimes it's more of a chonkin' waterpark wave from a graceless cannonball.


Safe to say Apple's newest carrying case, designed to tote around its $550 AirPods Max, are firmly in the cannonball category.

If you're first laying eyes on Apple's new case you might have a few initial impressions. We're here to tell you that whatever those impressions are, you're probably not alone.

Especially if you think this case looks like a bra...


Here's a side-by-side from Twitter:

... and another

Alright this might've gone too far...

Ladies and gents: the iBra..

Lord, help us.Twitter

The case also got a lot of sleep mask comparisons...

Can't say we don't see the resemblance.

We're sorry to say Minions got in on the action too...

Apple designers when their iBra pitch got the greenlight:

Or maybe you think it looks more like a purse...


Show us...

the lie.

This case even made the Hangover relevant again.

This comparison to a bra purse from Helmut Lang wins.

Or maybe its part purse, part sleep mask?


At any rate, you can still buy Apple's AirPods Max case, but just know that a not insignificant portion of people will think it looks like a bra, purse, or sleep mask. On the bright side, at least the headphones themselves seem to safe from ridicul—

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