People are going wild with custom iOS 14 homescreens

iPhone users have taken to their newfound customization options swiftly and enthusiastically.

A customized iOS 14 homescreen

There are a lot of new features in iOS 14. You've got an App Library; picture-in-picture YouTube viewing; heck, you've even got a FaceTime feature that synthetically corrects your gaze to make it look like you're looking into the camera.

NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

While all of that is significant, it seems at least one feature has already become a favorite among iPhone enthusiasts: we're talking, of course, about homescreen customization.

After the release of the first iOS 14 public beta, screenshots of painstakingly customized homescreens started pouring in.

Naturally, there are video game themes...


Movies and TV shows also dominate...


Some are just good, clean design...


And then there are the homescreens that can't be unseen...

To see more...

You can take a gander at #iOS14homescreen on Twitter (at your own risk).

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